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The Finnish lifestyle is relaxed and easy-going. But they are also hard workers and the life in the busy cities are more or less stressful. That’s why many people have summer cottages. Usually it’s far away from the place where they live. The summer cottages are often located on a nice and peaceful lakeshore or on an island. It’s the place where they go to rest and spend some time with their families. Every summer cottage has to have a sauna because it’s such an important part of the Finnish lifestyle. The sauna is definitely something that everyone grows up with, and bathing in the sauna comes as naturally as speaking.

Finland is one of the few countries in the world where lost wallets and mobile phones get returned to their rightful owner. People feel safe walking alone in city parks or use public transport regardless of the hour.11 out of 12 wallets deliberately left abandoned around Helsinki were returned according to a Reader’s Digest global test on honesty.

Did you know that many Finnish newborns sleep in cardboard boxes? Since 1938 Finnish state has provided all expectant mothers with a beautiful, durable box with clothes, sheets, nappies, toys and a mattress – making it an excellent bed for a tiny newcomer.

All mothers get to stay at home with their baby for almost a year with full salary or excellent benefits. When a parent with a child in a buggy uses public transport, they travel free of charge in most cities.

When the children grow older, their luck continues – Finland has held first place in OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for several years, ranking our education system as one of the world’s best.

This means that the Finnish school – also free of charge – is a good place for a child and that they are happy.