Business Consulting

Appleblossom M.I provides consulting services to private and corporate clients with focus on strategic management, human capital development and organizational behaviour, Services include workshop, seminar, strategy sessions and solutions to organization to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Project Management

We conceptualize and develop impactful projects within organizations and institutions related to sustainability, circular economy and service innovation driving sustainable development for clients. We develop new and innovative ideas and utilize our comprehensive collaboration network to make a successful project.

Needs Analysis

Appleblossom M.I assists clients to identify their needs and matching innovative solutions enabling higher value addition and employee productivity while working closely with them in developing and making their offerings attractive for Nordic partnership. We conduct practical market research, needs analysis and help build important partnerships as well as support sales and marketing between Nigeria and Nordic countries.

Over the years, Finland has risen the top in global innovation rating as a result of its problem solving attitude, discovering solutions with passion while creating new approaches for solving existing problems.

A needs assessment helps organizations to determine priorities, make organizational improvements, or allocate resources. It involves determining the needs, or gaps, between where the organization envisions itself in the future and the organization’s current state.